Steady On Sentimental Favourite
Fat City Best songwriting. Has depth, has soul.
Live in '88 Pure emotion
Cover Girl Former favourite, now displaced by Live in '88. Worst sounding, because live? (very relative!) Shawn Colvin Album
A Few Small Repairs Wonderful sound, well balanced and enjoyable, but lacks depth.

Suzanne Vega's 2 brilliant albums at that time - 1987, had already clued me into the neo-folk scene and I was clamouring for more. Then the Straits Times did a short review on Steady On, pointing out that Shawn was Suzanne's backup singer in Luka. Soon, I got Steady On on cassette and loved it.

After carefully considering the albums, I have to admit now that objectively, her best album is Fat City. The thing about Fat City is that its merits lay hidden deeply within the music. I have to admit that I didn't like Fat City for a very long time :) Fat City didn't seem to have any catchy tunes. Fat City highlights a songwriter of considerable maturity and skill. The songs are the best she has ever written and have enormous depth. Furthermore, it is, along with A few small repairs, fantastically great sounding. But since the music is Fat City is sparser compared to the congested rock/pop sound of Repairs, a decent hi-fi system presents Fat City in a very ideal light.