Grieg: Songs - Lieder, Anne Sofie Von Otter - Bengt Forsberg (DG 1993)
Overall Rating: 9.0

Anne Sofie von Otter finally find fame with a superb album.
Inspired, emotion-filled, yet articulate singing
Won Gramophone Record of the Year award. A record like this beating star-studded operas and world class orchestras? It must be that good, eh?

An Excess of Pleasure, Palladian Ensemble (Linn 1993)
Overall Rating: 9.0
Sounds like they've been playing together for ages. The mark of a superb quartet.
A very interesting programme. A superb introduction to 17th century music.

The Winged Lion, Palladian Ensemble (Linn 1994)
Overall Rating: 8.5
Admittedly, less stirring than the first album, mainly because the pieces emphasise grace and more contemplative than exuberant. Still, very fine playing from this quartet makes the album a wholly pleasant listen. The excellent sound quality helps as well.

Missa Videte Miraculum, Nicholas Ludford, The Cardinall's Musick, Carwood/Skinner (ASV 1993) Overall Rating: 9.5
A scholarly exposition of a neglected English composer.
A beautiful mass for 6 voices the interplay between the different voices goes up a level from the standard 4 part vocal arrangement.
Wonderfully recorded. The soundstage is 'far and wide'. A little piece of heaven.

Not so easy to listen through the whole piece (about 60 mins)in 1 go (total time 69:21 which includes a filler -- Aves Cuius Conceptio for 4 voices)

Like as a Hart: Psalms & Spiritual Songs,Westminster Choir (Chesky 1995)
Overall Rating: 9.0
An interesting and engaging selection of psalms & spiritual songs, such as 3 arrangements of the Lord's prayer.
Wonderful singing. A little piece of hi-fi and musical heaven.

Nothing really, though I would like to point out that there are so many high-quality choral discs out there, the choice you make would depend more on the choice of programme being more akin to your musical tastes.

Beethoven: 1st and 3rd Symphonies, Harnoncourt (Teldec 1991)
Overall Rating: 10.0