Other Favourite CDs which I listen to

Hey, I don't only listen to female vocals. I listen to male vocals as well, but not as many, and the ones I enjoy are usually immensely popular in the mainstream as well, and are probably so well known that they don't require much introduction.

  Eagles, Hell Freezes Over
Japanese Gold Press

10.0 One of the finest sounding live albums ever. Period. Feel privileged
in being allowed to recreate one of the great musical events of the
'90s in your listening room.
U2, Joshua Tree
Mo-Fi remaster

10.0 As close to perfection as a pop album could ever be.
Sting, Dream of the
Blue Turtles
Mo-Fi or Island

9.5 Brilliant songwriting, brilliant band. Best Jazz/pop album ever.
Sting, Nothing Like the Sun
Island 9.5

9.5 More Phenomenal songwriting.
Paul Simon, Graceland

9.0 This is a lighthearted album that doesn't take itself too seriously.
no profound themes or meanings but still, explores certain themes
in a very clever manner. Plenty of infectious tunes too.
U2, Unforgettable Fire
Mo-Fi remaster

9.0 An unpolished diamond certainly, but one containing the
incredible song 'Pride' and the most excellent 'Bad'. Shows that
Joshua Tree wasn't just a fluke.