My System

Well I finally decided to put my system on a seperate page, rather than let it be submerged somewhere.

CD Player Sony XA7ES
Pre-amp Sonic Frontiers Line-1
Power Amp McCormack DNA-0.5 Deluxe Edition
Speakers Proac Response 1.5
Subwoofer REL Strata II
Cables XLO 6A - treble
Nordost Blue Heaven - midrange/bass
XLO type 1 - interconnect from CD to Pre (still the best I've heard so far)
Blue Heaven - Pre to power
Isolation Target D3 rack - glass shelves
Black Diamond Mk.3 cones pre-amp, CD player, decoupling glass shelf from rack and Amp
DH medium cones and squares under Audioprism
Foundation II
Other tweaks AFA power cord - amp (nice warmth)
Transparent MusicLink Plus - preamp - open and clear top end but a bit lean (still better than my Belden though)
AQ Ferrite Stoppers
Vansevers Model 12 single-outlet power conditioner (for REL Strata)
Audioprism Foundation II power conditioner
Room Treatment

Various Sonex panels on front/rear/side walls.
ATT 1.0 Bass traps on front wall corners

Home Theatre

Sony EP9ES processor
Pioneer DVL-919 (stolen from downstairs system as my Panasonic 1st generation multicode modification cannot read some DVDs)
Nordost Blue Angel Interconnects (regret buying)
Ancient Yamaha Amp (Quad 77 transferred to office system)
Either Tannoy M2 or Mordaunt Short Ms05i as rear surrounds (depending on what I'm using in my office system)

5m 89259 interconnects from processor to pre-amp
5m 1505A component video cables from DVD player to projector


Sony VPL-W400QM LCD projector (so good, there's even a fan website and forum on it :))

Draper 70"x70" Matt white Screen


The core of the system: CD player/Amp/Speakers cost under $6000 total. And all 3 are Stereophile recommended components. (I bought the CD player/Speaker before it was recommended :)) As to why I bought the McCormack, check out Hansen's comments at my advice section. Though of course he has switched to tubes, and come to think of it, I might too (once I get a raise?).

And for the downstairs system, which is my parents, its SCD-777ES, Nad S100, MF-2500 biamped pair and Joseph Audio rm50si.