My Nikon SB-26

Perhaps It's just a passing fad, but an off-camera SB-26 is really wonderful :) One day, I'll look back and go "what was I thinking?" Anyway, based on my tests, for ordinary photography, SB-26 set at -1.3 is ideal as it gives the foreground object a nice 'lift'. Galen Rowell and DeWitt Jones prefer -1.7 and -2.0 respectively and for (1) Macro Photography (2) Night Photography with foreground object to be illuminated, I agree that -1.7/-2.0 are better choices.

SB-26 at -1.3, around f/16 (f/22 effective) 1/8. The original print is far less contrasty than the scan. Also, in this scan the areas with saturated colour lack detail. On hindsight though, I should have set the SB-26 to -1.7 or -2.0 in this case.
SB-26 at -1.3 also around f/16 (f/22 effective) 1/8. Background a bit distracting; should bring along some black velvet next time eh?