Pictures of Scale Models, circa 1990/91
I've kind of quit building scale models, but here are a couple of pictures of models that I actually managed to complete, taken in about 1990/91 with my Pentax and manual focus vivitar macro lens.

Tamiya Stug IV : nearly straight from the box with Eduard Photoetched kit and sheet styrene.
Italeri JagdPanzer : nearly straight from the box with Airwaves Photoetched kit.
Paints: Tamiya, light wash with windsor newton oils, but main weathering is from a ground pastel chalk set I got from the US.

Minicraft 1/72 F-15C. Straight from the box.

Photograph comments:
Not very good. Taken outdoors before I learnt of the importance of reflectors. Shadows everywhere. Oh well

Why did I put up this page? Inspired by This Singapore scale model webpage (of course, his is competition winning stuff, but the wonders of compressed JPG files is that you can't see the problems with my models :)