Hi-Fi shops I know about
Its clearly not an exhaustive list. I think the local AV mags publish some dealer listings.

The Soul of Music, Adelphi 3rd Floor
Selling Gallo, Llano, Audiologic, JPS, DH Cones etc.

Previously selling from his home, Richard has moved into a proper shop thats very nicely decorated. Nice couch too. (maybe its because he doesn't sell home theatre yet.. thats when shops get really cluttered)

The Gallo Nucleus Minors have an *incredible* soundstage. The equal (or better?) of any Proac but with more 'air' as opposed to 'focus'. Its a matter of what sort of sound you like, but if any speaker can make you feel like you're 'floating', its the Gallos :) More importantly, he'll arrange for home trials.

For accessories, there're the highly regarded JPS cables and Golden Sound DH cones. They come in 3 sizes. The middle size is the most popular one and competes directly with Black Diamond cones. He sells some lovely CDs too. And he seems to be a Holly Cole fan.

Audio Suite, #B1-47 The Adelphi Tel: 3340133
Selling B.A.T, Ayre, Theta, XLO, Simply Physics, Gershmann (I hope I got that right) etc

A smallish shop with 2 demo rooms, 1 for home theatre and 1 for Hi-Fi. Despite the smallish room, the music sounds totally incredible. The Hi-Fi setup is basically Theta front end, B.A.T pre/power, Gershmann speakers, and XLO type 5 (no biwiring - jumpers used instead). Not only is there a richness and fullness in tone not found in the lower end, (which is no big deal since most more expensive stuff have this richness and fullness), but the dynamics, detail, and the handling of transients is incredible as well. (now.. having this and richness of tone is very hard to achieve). A Must audition system. Pop in and chat with Patrick -- a very knowledgeable person.

Music Frontier, #04-55, The Adelphi Tel:33171992 (Closed down)
Selling Triangle Speakers, Sound Valves Tube amps, Magnum amps, Nemo speakers and amplifiers, DH Labs T-14 speaker cable, Silver sonic interconnects

This is a quiet, unassuming shop on the 4th floor with a great no-pressure approach to sales. Theres a nice old man tending the shop. He's a retiree-uncle of one of the owners. Very friendly, and very helpful. Helps too that Triangle Speakers sound wonderful. I wouldn't say they sound wonderful when partnered with tube amps, but given their 91Db++ sensitivity, the results of such a pairing are spectacular. What else can I say? Fall in love with Triangle now :)

Studio One Plus, #01-06 The Adephi [behind Margil] Tel: 3363369
Black Diamond Cones, The Shelf, Pro-Gold, Highwire cables, LFD cables, ESP power cord etc
Run by Steve Saw, you should call before you come as Steve as a 'day job' and may be away some times. BDR cones are basically essential accessories, and Steve will let you have some for a free home trial. Also, if you want opinions, he has a lot :). [like which Stereophile reviewers are deaf -- and hey, I kinda of agree with his answer :)]

I think he's also sourcing for other interesting pieces of equipment. Currently occupying pride of place are the ESP Concert Grands.

Landmark Audio, #03-51 The Adelphi Tel:3333211
MBL -- whole range. (and probably other stuff which I don't recall...)

Run by Patrick Lau, this is a relatively new shop, it basically stocks MBL. I don't recall seeing the mbl 111 (featured on the cover of April '97 Stereophile) in the shop, but all the other top-end equipment is there, including the incredibly massive mbl 9010 Power amp and the mbl 6010 C pre-amp. Rich, cultured 'German-Dutch-everyone else except France' type of sound. Wonderful balanced, but a bit rich on some recordings. Definitely worth listening to. mbl 303 floorstanders (approx S$2800), mbl 311c 3 way studio monitor (approx S$4k). I still prefer the Gershmann/B.A.T/Theta combo as the 'reasonably priced' high-end combo to beat...

Music by Design (ª03-20 Adelphi)
Audio Analogue Solid State electronics, Cary AudioVacuum tube electronics, CECBelt Drive CD Transports / CD Players / Turntables, DiscoveryCables, DynavectorCartridges, GradoCartridges / Headphones, ProjectTurntables, RoomTuneAcoustic treatment and Racks, Vienna AcousticsSpeakers,

We also import in a lot of audio books and magazines like The Complete Guide to High End Audio, Sound Practices, Glass Audio, Speaker Builder, Positive Feedback and Fi among many others. E-mail

Maranatha Audio, #03-16 Excelsior Hotel Shopping Centre (next to Funan Centre) (opens thur-sat only)
Christian CDs, Audiophile CDs from Premonition, John Marks, Chesky, Mapleshade etc etc (including some very interesting Scandanavian CDs [not Propius, but they stock that too :)] . Also stocks Klyne, Coda, Royd.

Run by James Ong, its a new kid on the block with very good service. You can audition any CD on their pretty decent demo system (Rotel RCD965, Klyne Pre-amp, Coda amp, Royd speakers). Further, this is the only place that sells John Marks Records and Patricia Barber's Cafe Blue (if you read Stereophile you'll know the significance of this :)). Its a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The shop is pretty empty, so you can wile away time listening to whatever's on demo.

Stereophile Audio, Beauty World Centre
Free home trials for their AFA power cables, ferrite rings. Sells Infinity, Classe, Wadia and other stuff. The hi-end showroom is hidden inside the shop :)

CD Acoustic, Adelphi 4th floor
Finally, a source of reasonably priced Sonex Panels --  $95 per panel made in Australia.

MusicBox, Adelphi 3rd floor
Audiophile CDs, Platinum, N.E.W, Wadia, Synergistic, Power Wedges. The N.E.W amps are very impressive.

Kingsley, Adelphi 3rd floor
REL subwoofers (great prices), Conrad Johnson, Cardas, Sony ES CD players etc. Desmond is very helpful. Opens after 2 pm.

Others: (still under construction)

Margil, The Adephi
Densen, Castle, Nordost, Sony and other mass market stuff.

Precision Audio, The Adelphi
Monitor Audio, Dunlavy, Alon, Ruark [a 1-stop speaker shop? I'm so awed by their speakers I have no idea what amps or CD players they sell :)]

Norman Audio Works, Adelphi
YBA, of course

Reference Audio
One could get intimidated by the Huge Jadis monoblocs, but thanks to the Jadis Orchestra integrated, you can get a Jadis for under $2k.

Advance Synergy (2nd floor Adephi)
Recently renovated (Jan 98), this is the place to hear the Proac/ARC combo. Also sells Aerial speakers, and HT - Barco projectors.
Pertama, numerous Branches
Mission, Cyrus, Audioquest, mass market stuff, Jamo (mass market quality, high end prices?)
The most respectable of all the mass marketers. Of course, some might say that a shop selling Audioquest Dragon, Sterling, Diamond, cannot be called mass market :)

Good CD Shops - All recommended

Chua Joo Huat
Far East Plaza

+ can test CDs, good testing facilities
+ cheap
+ has some US presses

This is the shop with the best testing facilities around as they have 6 CD players. Also helpful storekeepers. Dick is probably the audiophile of the bunch. The shop is quite small but the selection is very good. The female vocals section is very well stocked, with rarities like Sara Hickman's misfits, Sarah MacLachlan's B-sides, Shawn Colvin's Live in '88, and more importantly, at very good prices. Look around for US pressings (since you can open up the jewel case and look at the CD). Also brought in Sarah MacLachlan's Surfacing US press(for $21) - Tower etc - $25.90. Highly recommended. Since its next to Tower, pop in here first, you might find the CD you want, and its definitely cheaper than Tower
MPH Music Powerhouse
Stamford Road

+ can test CDs, good testing facilities
+ quite large selection
+ cheapest around, basically
- no US presses

European presses only, and the classical music section is getting more dismal by the minute, but a good place to get your standard top-20 music at the cheapest prices. Quite a large store too, and with testing facilities.

Roxy Disc House
Roxy Square, East Coast

+ can test CDs
+ sound quality oriented
+ nice atmosphere as many regulars hang out and chat; you can ask them for recommendations :)
+ cheap (for US presses etc)

A sound quality oriented CD shop tucked away at Roxy Square at Upper East Coast Road. Sells plenty of good-sounding CDs. More importantly, a knowledgeable boss who is happy to chat, give you advice, and let you try CDs. Not an excessively busy place so you should be able to get excellent service. Yes the shop may be crowded, but its just the regulars popping in to chat. The shop boasts a Krell KPS-30i, KAV-300i, and Snell speakers with MIT cables.

That CD
Tanglin Mall

+ can test CDs (but only 1 player)
+ reasonable variety, a large Jazz section though
- regular CDs not so cheap, but imports quite reasonable

Another sound quality oriented CD shop. I actually saw the Nancy Bryan XRCD there (last copy though), haven't seen a copy for months :) Quite a decent selection of CDs here. Brings in US and Japanese presses. Bought my Diana Krall Love Scenes Japanese Press here. CD player is a solitary Marantz CD-17, can't remember the amp, but 'BMB' speakers. Duh. Unfortunately, parking in Tanglin Mall is expensive.

LD/DVD Shops
No you can't test LDs, so the only criteria is the price.

  • Music Warehouse -- Design Centre (opposite Capitol), and main branch in WTC
  • Sembawang - Raffles City
  • LD shop within the Sony showroom at Bugis

    The first 2 are within walking distance of each other, and you might want to check out the prices. The prices are basically similar with some occasional fluctuations.

    If someone could point me to a shop that sells LDs cheaper than these 2 (sure to be in some obscure out of town shop), I'll be very grateful. Thanks!