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Last update: Aug 2000 :)

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TK's System

TK's Corner HT System :
(sources) Musical-Fidelity T-1 FM-tuner
Panasonic LX-900 LD-player
Samsung Tantus 43" projection-TV
Sony SLV-7700 VCR/VCD-player

(amplifier & processor) Aura-Vpro ES-B1 electronic subwoofer
Chang-Lightspeed CLS-II AC-line-filter/distributor
Sony TA-V670 DPL-amplifier

(loudspeakers) HSU Research HSW-10 passive-subwoofers
Loth-X Ion-4 Main L/R Loth-X Ion-3 Centre Loth-X Ion-2 Rear L/R
M&K MX-125Mark.2 active-subwoofer

(cables) Audio-Influx Silver-HD-signal-line RF-cable Audioquest Quartz interconnects Kimber AGDL interconnects Kimber PBJ interconnects Nordust-Flatline Gold interconnects Nordost-Flatline bi-wire-speakercables

The room : 26' W x19' L open concept extend space up to approx.500 square ft. No room treatment. Sound : Surprisingly musical sound from a basic AV system (limitations on the amplifier).

MUSIC System : (sources) Creek T40 FM-tuner
Marantz CD-17KI-Signature CD-player

(amplifiers & processors) AFA Adphrodite AC-power-distributor
Antique Soundlab AQ1006 300B-monoblocks
Antique Soundlab AQ1006 845-monoblocks
Arion Elektra stereo-power-amplifier
Audio Reference AR-7 preamplifier
Audio Space AS-8i integrated-amplifier
Golden-Tube-Audio SE-100Mark.2 stereo-power-amplifier

(loudspeakers) DCM Time-Frame-400 Floorstander Loth-X Ion-4 Floorstander Loth-X Ion-2 Floorstander Rogers LS-1 Mini-monitor

(cables & accesories) AFA Adphrodite AC-powercord AFA Adphrodite interconnects AFA Adphrodite speakercables Voodoo Board component-platform

The room : 9.5' W x 13.5' L approx.124 square ft. Carpeted. Sound : Needs inputs from more friends; good base for A/B comparison between amps & speakers in order to choose ideal system in typically small HDB bedroom.

Alan's system

Pierre Lurne Audiomeca Talisman CD
Exposure XIX pre amp Super XVIII power amp
Impulse Kora speakers
REL Strata
XLO Reference 1 (CD to pre)
XLO Reference 2 (pre to power)
Kimber Monocle XL cables (Ordered, have not arrived yet, temporary using Cabletalk 3.1 silver
DH cones under CD, Simply Physics under pre and AQ Big Feet under power.
Various power cords, distributor from Audio Note.

My room : 12 by 8 feet filled with furniture with the bed in front of speakers (both sides 6 inches from rear wall, left side 10 inches from side wall, 1.1m apart firing in the 12 foot direction).

Mun Wai's System

Tannoy Revolution 2s (from Tannoy 603s)
Cairn Aria (previously a Pioneer reciever).

The front end is a Harman Kardon HD 710 with Monster Cable Interlink 300 interconnects.
Kimber 8TCs speaker cable

Replacing the old speaker cables (Monster Cable LX) to Kimber 8TCs gave a HUGE boost to bass detail, proving (to me) that cables do matter.

Chuck's System

Pioneer dvd 626 as a cd player
Nad c340 amp
Rogers GS5.
Interconnect ixos 1003.
Ixos 610 and 603.

Andrew's System

Adcom GFP 565 preamp
Adcom GFA 555 II amp
Monitor Audio MA700 box
QED 79 wires AudioQuest Ruby interconnects

(upgrading CD player soon)

Harry's System

Home Theatre portion consists of :
Yamaha DSP-A1
Pioneer DVL-909 player
NHT SuperOne XU - 5 of them
NHT SW2Pi powered subwoofer
Cables : Illuminations D-60 & XLO Type 4A for DVD digital & LD RF connection respectively Nordost Black Knight interconnect (TV to Yamaha) Nordost Flatline Gold Mk II speaker cables all round. Monster M440i interconnect (between subwoofer amp & Yamaha)
Tweaks : Ferrite rings on power cords (just prior to power cord entering the component), NHT SA2 amp & DSP-A1 mounted on half-blown up tyres (great & cheap air platform for isolation), Audioquest Sorbothane Little Feet for Pioneer, Audio Power Industries P212 power conditioner

Music portion :
CEC TL5100 CD belt-driven transport Parasound 1600HD DAC (with HDCD)
Anthem Pre 1L tube pre-amp (re-tubed with Siemens NOS 6922 tubes)
Bryston 3B-ST power amp
Hales Design Group Revelation 3 speakers

Cables : Silver Audio Silver Stream digital cable (a fuller sounding cable with detailed presentation, compared to D-60) Silver Audio Silver Bullet 4.0 interconnects (between DAC & pre-amp, pre-amp & power amp) AudioTruth Argent speaker cables Wireworld Aurora power cords (Anthem & Bryston) LAT International AC-2 power cords (CEC & Parasound)
Tweaks : DH Cones and squares (CEC & Parasound), DH Cones (Hales), Vibrapods (Anthem), home brewed air platform (Bryston), sand-filled Vantage Point audio rack, Audio Power Industries P212 power conditioner, Van Evers power strip, ferrite rings on speaker cables (at speaker post area), Bedini Ultra Clarifier (strange item but works very well - improved every audible area), Stoplight marker on fave CDs, never turn off CEC & Parasound units (kept warm)

The above combination works very well. I had tried pairing the Bryston with a Linn Majik integrated amp (used it as a pre-amp) but the result was not as good as with the Anthem. The tube magic simply blew away the pure solid state combination. Power cords are a necessary evil, as well as all other cables in the audio chain. They do make a big difference. Replacing the stock Sovtek 6922 tubes with Siemens NOS yielded a quieter yet fuller & richer sound, as well as better image presentation, airer highs and meatier mids and lows (the entire sonic characteristic has improved). Worthwhile to change out the tubes indeed. Anyway, real glad to be able to add to your list. I am also glad that there are so many audiophiles out there in Singapore (audiophiles does not need to have expensive systems, just an appreciation of music and the equipment that produce it).

Kelvin's System Updated!

Sony XA7ES
Rega Planar 3 with Sumiko Blue Point Special
Pioneer CLD-D99
Krell KSP-7B
Pass Lab Aleph 3
Unity Audio Signature 1 (Superb!)
REL Storm
AudioTruth Dragon
AudioTruth Diamond
AudioTruth Lapis
AudioTruth Emerald

(and for info, here's the older system)

Rega Planar 3
Sony XA7ES
Pioneer CLD-D99
Krell KSP-7B
Exposure Super XVIII
Unity Audio Signature 1 (they are really superb speakers; very fast and transparent; a sense of "being there" and as far as I know, only five sets were sold in Singapore (by Terence from Music Palette that time) and to the best of my knowledge, I presume that the company has folded, thus I wonder do you or anybody out there, still have the company info or website.) Any help on the mentioned inquires is very much appreciated.

Incidentally, I'm also a music collector and have accumulated close to 1000 CDs, 400 LPs and 100 LDs. And though I'm not into AV, those LDs which I have are mostly anime (which I got from Japan mostly) and music MTV. Thus, any news as to where I can purchase them in Singapore or on the Net is also very much appreciated.

Leslie's System

Marantz CD-63KI-S CD player
Quicksilver tube pre-amp
Rotel RB-971 power amp (2 x bridged-mono)
Focus Audio FS-68
VDH CS-122 speaker cable
VDH D300MkII interconnect from CD-Pre-amp
VDH D102 interconnect from Pre-amp-power

Evan's System

Cd Player - arcam alpha 8 (traded my cd 63 ki for that)

Amp - densen beat 100
Speakers - michael green studio 5s (probably never heard of them?)
Inter connects - jps superconductors ( don't know what got into my head obviously in a different class from the rest of my set up)
Speaker cables - cable talk 3.1

Steven's System

Balanced Audio Technology VK-D5 CD Player Tara Labs Decade Balanced Interconnects
Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 Preamplifier
XLO Signature 2.1 Balanced Interconnects
Pass Labs Aleph 1.2 Monoblocks (recently replacing Sonic Frontiers SFM 160 monoblocks)
Audioquest Midnight Bi-wire Speaker Cables (terrific value for money and the only component left from my original system after years of upgrading)
Sonus Faber Extremas

I also ocassionally play records, where I use a 26 years old Thorens 165 Turntable, with Grado Black Cartridge and the Rotel "Michi" RHQ-10 phono stage. If properly set up, I truly believe vinyl is a superior medium to CD (and, from what I've heard so far, DVD too). Pity it's so inconvenient .... but that's life, no? Accessories: Townsend Seismic Sink (it made an amazing difference to my turntable), Transparent Music Link Power Cords (these seem to work well with my tube components), AFA Boron Power Cords, Ensemble Power Distribution Strip, MIT Stabilizer, Black Diamond Racing and assorted cones . I listen mainly to New Age, Jazz (especially bossa nova), Classicals (especially medieval and light opera) and female vocalists.

Chia's System

This is from a 20 year old audio enthusiast who shares the system with his 25 year old brother. With 2 people, you can buy twice the amount of hi-fi? :) Cool system, especially the DIY.

Front End
CAL Delta Transport
Illuminati-D60 Coaxial
Classe DAC-1
Nordost Red Dawn 1M Interconnects
NAD 402 Tuner w/ Nordost Blue Angel 1M

Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 (Stock 6922s)
or VAL MPL-1 S (Heavily modified with WIMA capacitors, 12AX7WXT+ tubes)
VAL MP-2100 100watt Monoblocks-Also modified with WIMA capacitors.
(Svetlana EL34s, Sovtek 6922s, JAN Phillips 6189)
or VAL MP-211 20watt Single-Ended (stock tubes)
Nordost Blue Heaven 1M Interconnects

Apogee Centaurus Slant 6s-(only 83db used with the 100 watt PP
Infinity Compositions Prelude PFR (96db!!! used with the 20 watt SE
Symo LS5X Speaker Cable (Shotgun)

Powerline Accesories
Front End-5400KVA Isolation Transformer w/ Castle Line Filter wired in series.
Shielded power cords.
Multiple Home-Brew Parallel Noise Filters (using capacitors)

Power Amps- Home-Brew Power Cords using braided Litz-wire.
Home-Brew Noise Filters

Currently there are over 400++ CDs in our collection ranging from New Age, Jazz, Classical, 80s Pop and current Chinese Pop. We listen to almost anything that sounds musical to our ears except for Techno/Dance and the current crop of 90s Pop music.
The Classe DAC-1 is an outstanding performer easily defeating the previous Audio-Alchemy DDE 3 / DTI-Pro 32 /PS3 combo. The SFL-2 bettered the Golden Tube SEP-1 in our system (which it should). The VAL preamp which cost only $600 when new, was elevated to new heights with the WIMA upgrade. We preferred it to the SEP-1 in our system. The VAL MP-2100 monoblocks sound much more neutral after the upgrade but lost some dynamics and punch. They do a satisfactory job of driving the Apogees, sounding lean, with just a touch of mid/treble brightness (only in comparison with the Infinity/211 combo) hinting that more power may be needed. The Infinity/211 combo sounds rich, liquid and warm in the mids, with a grainless but slightly dark treble and tight gut-wrenching bass. The soundstage however is slightly closed-in perhaps due to the shelved-off treble of the Infinities. Detail is present in spades with either combination with more subtle hints revealed by the SE amplifier. I have found Nordost cables to suit my system well. The Blue Angels bettered Audioquest Ruby but were soundly thrashed by the Blue Heavens-more life, presence, dynamics. However Red Dawn revealed even the the Blue Heavens to being slightly artificial sounding and over-eager to please. As for speaker cables, I first tried AQ Midnight which was oustanding for its price-$40/m.
I once loaned a pair of XLO Reference Type 6 which were much better but also VERY expensive. Ultimately I settled upon the Symo cables which were recommended by Apogee and found them to be more natural than the AQ midnight but less dynamic. The Symo also seems to work well with the Infinities. I have found Isolation Transformers to make a great difference to the sound-darker background, even on power amps. However ferrite clips were inconsistent and sometimes sounded overblown.
LASTLY-My Personal $0.02 HDCD works Some Chinese Pop recordings are marvellous-Cai Qin, Faye wong...etc Golden String Recordings sound Veeeerrry artificial with or without HDCD

Hi-fi salesmen with an attitude will LOSE $$$$ in due time. Tubes are the way to go!

Djasli's System

My system consists of:
CD Player: Marantz CD-63SE
MD Player: Sony MDS-JE500
Cassette Player: Technics RS-TR252
Integrated Amp: NAD 3020i
Loudspeakers: Tannoy M2
Turntable: Sansui FR-D25
Catridge: Shure M70B
Interconnects: ED Acoustics
Speakers Cables: Kimber Kable

I am a musician and I would like to think that I am a discerning listener.And I can't stand bad recording.Having said that, Vinyls is still my favourite source and my turntable is giving me problems..............sigh.Anyone out there who knows a reliable and honest hi-fi shop that does repairing?

Roger's System

Singapore System

Rotel RC-980 Pre
Rotel RB 970 Power bridged * 2 (cheap and wonderful power amp)
Marantz CD72SE CD player (not available anymore, what a shame...such gd player)
Sony MDS510 MD deck
Mission 733 (I'm goin' to sell them...too 'exciting' for me)
Cables : Nordost flatline gold MKII, silverlink interconnect for my pre/power and CD player, Cable talk monitor 2 and audioquest topaz for in/out of MD deck and an 'Ulu' but good German made toslink cable for digital recording (MD).

In England My system is (don't tell my mum, ok)

Cambridge Audio CD4 as transport.
Meridian 203 DAC (cheap but superb)
Theta Pro basic II DAC (Bought 2nd hand from web classified, very cheap)
Linn intek intergrated/LK100 power biamp
KEF reference 101/2

Cables are:
Audio cambidge own BNC-phono coaxial, Nordost flatline (again..they are good), cambridge audio reference studio interconnect, DNM reson (i wonder if its available in SIngapore.. Superb*3), QED Qconnect (its free from LK100 sales, presently is a 'white elephant' lying around somewhere).

Steven's System

I have had a HT system with:
Yamaha DSP-A1
Rogers speaker systems (GS6, DB101 and CS33)

JR's System

Main Equipment
CD Transport : Micromega Drive 2
DAC : Audio Alchemy DDE V.3 with HDCD, remote and PS-3 power supply
Preamp : Cary Audio SLP-50
Power Amp : Sumo Polaris III
Speakers : Sonus Faber Concerto on sand-filled Atacama SE-24s
Subwoofer : REL Strata

Jitter Buster :Sonic Frontiers UltraJitterbug Cables
Digital : Illuminati D-60, XLO 4A
Interconnect : JPS Superconductor (replacing Transparent Audio Music Link Plus to power amp)
Kimber KCAG to preamp Speaker : Kimber 8TC with WBT bananas for Concerto's midrange/bass,Goertz MI-2 with rhodium spades for Concerto's treble, Kimber 4TC for Strata Power : MIT-ZCORD II from wall into API Power Pack II line conditioner
Aural Symphonics Missing Link Standard for DAC, subwoofer
Aural Symphonics Missing Link Espresso for preamp
Synergistic Research Missing Link for CD transport, power amp

Black Diamond Racing Cones under transport, DAC, power amp
Ebony Pyramid Cones under preamp
Townshend Seismic Sink under transport
Target amp stand for preamp
Marble slab for power amp
Statmat, CD Blacklight used together (Blacklight on top of Statmat to prevent Statmat from getting stuck inside transport)
Roomtunes Echo Tunes, Corner Tunes, Sonex (Male)
Sand bags on top of transport, DAC - actually, to prevent heavy power cords/cables from dragging them off the shelves - & to control resonance I guess (no difference for me) 12AU7/ECC82 Tubes - best is Telefunken, followed by RFT (Dick Olsher's tube to die for), then Mullard

Sound :
Love it ! Very quiet, smooth, yet detailed. Dynamic, tight bass, excellent soundstage. Surprise, the Concertos can rock, an all-rounder !! Full sound, considering that I have a fairly big room, the living room actually ... I believe this is the best-value compact speaker in Singapore today, Popular similar-price competitors are the rougher yet less bass B&W CDM1SE, tiny Proac Tablette Signatures, Proac Response 1-SC which only work well in small rooms, Dunlavy SC-I which is thin, Totem Model 1 which has a midbass boost to make one think it has bass, and will well only work in small rooms. Dynaudio Contours are good, totally uncoloured, but a pain to drive. I guess I have no need to upgrade anymore, unless I spend 10 times more ... I find my system's sound better than what I heard at Stereophile Audio with their megabuck rig featuring Avalon,etc., High-End Research's Plinius/Goldmund/ Concerto/Micromega/Transparent setup, Audio Note's Conquest demo. Those I really heard to be real good are the Krell/Apogee setup at the Krell shop (forgot the name), and those megabuck Cary Audio/Vienna Acoustics setup at Music By Design. My system's sound closely resembles the current Concerto Grand/N.E.W. set up at Music Box, but because of my REL, mine has more punch for real dynamic material. Of course, these observations are subjective and are my opinions only. Groups of people have differing tastes, after all ... like, millions love Bose (I myself think Bose is not so bad if partnered with good equipment and room, but these still have a tiny sound for me, just big bass and strange "soundstage"). It's really cool to finally stop equipment upgrades for a while (next unavoidable ones will be when the new super CD format has been standardized), and to enjoy the music without thinking of the equipment.

Comments about upgrade:
Ultra Jitterbug: major improvement was like ... "how come I didn't hear that sound before ?" everything is so much smoother now, and what bass ! Had to reduce my REL's settings from 46 Hz to 39 Hz. That's a substantial 3 notches down ! I guess jitter affected the bass output in my system substantially.

XLO Reference Type 4A - what a soundstage ! As detailed, but smoother and warmer than my old Kimber AGDL. Used to link my transport to the Jitterbug. Pricey, though, and it cost me more than what I paid for the Jitterbug !

Chang Lightspeed CLS-3200 - I needed another digital outlet. I connected my preamp, amp, sub, jitterbug into the Chang, and the sound really expanded, with dynamics easily flowing from the system - so the transformerless technique is not just hype. And it's just as quiet as the Power Pack II

JPS Superconductor - after browsing through your contributors' systems, I noticed that JPS was highly recommended by Leon. So off I went to the Soul of Music, came home with half burned-in JPS, replaced my Transparents, powered up, and was STUNNED. What a difference this cable makes !! I had to lower my REL settings to the minimum this time at 33 HZ ! Excellent soundstage, and everthing really sounds real (like ... I didn't know that sounded like that) ... just pure signal alright, and they haven't burned in fully yet. An excellent value for money cable that's TRULY almost as good as an equipment upgrade, and on just one pice of the chain, from preamp to power amp ! I can't get another JPS, though, as I might have too much bass then, since right now everything is just perfect for me ...

Here are some of my recommended CDs that test your system and are extremely enjoyable as well (for me at least)...

Siri's Svale Band - "Necessarily So" - incredible midrange, detail, and bass definition !
Holly Cole Trio - "Temptation" - fabulous bass and arrangements
Patricia Barber - "Cafe Blue" and "Modern Cool" - very artistic and dynamic
Jacintha - "Tribute to Ben Webster" - very palpable and smooth vocals coming from a real black background - and soundstage too
Various - "The Wedding Singer Vol II soundtrack, in HDCD! marvel at how HDCD improved the sound of these old pop songs - a demo disc of HDCD for non-audiophiles who may be wondering what that HDCD logo on your system means

Pian's System

My name is pian and i am from k.l.hope you can accept a malaysian in Your list.after all we share the same interest. Ok. I am a third year university student in u.k,in which right now i am On my summer holiday.i got my first rig from richer sound for 500 which Consist of a

Sherwood intergrated amp,
Ariston cd player (a richer sound Brand),
Aiwa equalizer and
Gale 4i speakers.interconnects are cambridge Audio pacific and tandy`s gold plated Interconnect.
Speaker cables are Gales bi-wire.

He has additional comments, including comments on ferrite rings. Check out My advice page

M Wong's system

I've just upgraded some of my stuff - going partly tubed. My new system is as follows : Hall:
Audionote CD2 CDP on Townsend CD sink - smooth yet detailed
Cardas Golden Cross ic
Rega Planar 3/RB300/Bias - good starter for vinyl
Conrad Johnson Premier 14 preamp - not as clean and quick as Sonic Frontiers Line 2, but has more body, atmosphere Tara labs Decade ic
Pass Aleph 3 amp - only 30 watts class A, but a beauty!
Tara labs Master G2 sp. cables
REL Strata 2
NAD 412 tuner
Rotel RQ 970 BX phono preamp

Room :
Quad 67 CDP
NAD 402 tuner
Acurus DIA 100
ProAc Tablette 50 Signature
Tara labs Ref G2 sp. cables, AQ Lapis ics

That's it - before the bug bites again. Prob. will add a centre speaker and processor to go partially HT later on.

Dennis' System

I upgraded my Video system in July and my set-up is now as follows:

Still squeezed into a room measuring 9 ft by 12 ft with sloping ceiling 14 ft at rear and 8 ft at front.

Pioneer 703 Laser disc player with precision AC3 kit
Runco IDP 980 Ultra
Crystal Vision VPS1
Dwin LD2 Line Doubler
Tributaries S-Video compensator (used to improve contrast and details)
Prototype AIM (Advanced Imaging Machines) HDTV convertor (under development) [wahhhh! - envy]
Belden 1694 serial digital head-end video cables
Da-lite High Power (2.8 gain) screen (7 ft wide) (Want to swap for Stewart/Dalite 1.3 or 1.5 gain)

Sony EP9ES Processor
Melos SHA-1 tube preamp
Conrad Johnson MF2200 front L/R power amp
Classe CAP100 amp for rear L/R
Marantz 515 EQ/spectrum analyzer for timbre matching rears to front Yamaha DSP1 (the first processor) for more ambience in rears
Marantz 63SE CD player (with heavy mods)
REL Storm subwoofer (internally rewired)
Metaphor 5 speakers (front)
KEF Coda 7 speakers (rear)

Audio Cables: home brew of Cardas hook-up wires and Belden video cables awesome, nearly identical to Cardas Golden Cross), Apogee digital cables, cardas interconnects

ACOUSTIC TREATMENT (all self made)
4' x 2' rock wool mid to high freq absorbers
4' x 2' Helmholtz resonators for bass absorbtion (tuned for room)
Quadratic Residue Diffusers
Cheap persian rug (not self made)

Equi=Tech Balanced Power Conditioner
DVD player - Toshiba 7108 or Denon 5000 (need to demo when released)
Power Cables - home brew, currently in design stage

Chris' System

Updated! (Yet Again and again...:))

CD Player : Sony CDP-XA7ES (supported by DH Jumbo Cones)
with Harmonic Technology Pro AC11 power cord
Pre-Amp : McIntosh C712 (supported by DH Large Cones)
Amp : McIntosh MC162 (supported by DH Super Cones) with Harmonic Technology Pro AC11 power cord [upgraded from McIntosh MC7100]
Speakers : Sonus Faber Signum with SF fixed stands [upgraded from SF Concerto]

Interconnects : Harmonic Technology Pro Silway MKII (CD to Pre-Amp) and MIT MI-330CVT Series 2 (Pre-Amp to Amp).
Cables : Harmonic Technology Pro 9 Plus Biwire.

Tweaks : AudioPrism Foundation II, RPG's ProFoam Level One.

In the storeroom: Speakers: Definitive Technology Celsius DR Subwoofer: Definitive Technology PF15 MK II Interconnect: 1 pair of Silverlink Technologies - 6mm High-Speed Silver Speaker cables: 2 pairs of Silverlink Technologies SR 300

Sold! - Interconnects: 1 pair of MIT MI330iCVT. (upgrade-replacing 2 pairs of MITerminator 2 and 1 pair of Silverlink Technologies - 6mm High-Speed Silver) Cables: 1 pair of MITerminator 2 Bi-wire CD Player: Denon DCD 2560 GL Special Limited Edition Power Cord: Cardas Cross Power Filter: Castle Power Line Filter

Richard's System

Meridian 502 Pre-Amp
Meridian 557 Power Amp 200w/pc
Proceed CDP
Thiel 2.2 Speaker
NAD 412 Tuner
Siltech 260 Speaker cable
Got 250 plus CD now

Changing the 502 to a Proceed AVP soon! And adding a Proceed AMP 3 or Denon 3 Channel THX AMP for surround. Plannin to use B&W for the surround and center.

Lung's System

Upgraded:Electrocompaniet ECM1( previously California Audio Lab CL15 CD player)
Electrocompaniet 4.6 Pre Amp
Goldmund 29.4 mono blocks (previously Electrocompaniet 180MB Mono Blocks)
Upgraded: Sonus Faber Amati serial #008 (previously Sonus Faber Electa Amator II speakers)
Tice Signature Power Conditioner
Power cables: Tice Infinite Sped Reference power cords
Interconnects: Transparent Audio Balanced Reference series
Speaker wires: Transparent Audio Reference series
(previously: Transparent Ultra Interconnects, MIT Shotgun 750 speaker cables)

AudioPrism CD BlackLight
Ekornos Chair (with foot rest) - the ultimate listening chair. 10 x 7 feet Persian Nain Shishla carpet - I swear the music sounds better on a Persian than any other carpet.

Favourite CDs
Pat Methney/Charlie Haden - "Beyond the Missouri Sky" - Great listening after a hard days work. A good test to see how "black" the background can get.

-Westminister Choir - "Like a Hart" Chesky Recording - Great imaging!!
- Amina Claudine Myers - "Salutes Bessie Smith" Leo Records1996 cd LR103 In your face vocals!!
- Stradivarius on Gold CD - Cisco Music - The volin should not sound "sweeky" but rather the "woody-ness" of the Strad should oooze (how many 'o' s are there in oooze?) from your system.
- Radka Toneff/Steve Dobrogosz - "Fairy Tales" Odein Records - A very relaxed and well recorded album.

Upgrades in the near future....
DAC - Used Mark 36? Goldmund 12++? Still a little confused at the moment, if anyone can give recommendations on DACs I'd appreciate it.

Another Persian carpet - probably a Tabriz 6 x 4 wool on silk base, 60 or 70 raj (the quality grade of a Tabriz). Any stereophiles who are into carpets?

Eng Kie's system

Amp: Adcom 555II and Cary SLA70 MKII
Pre amp: Sonic Frontiers SFL 1 and Audible Illusion M3
Speaker: Magnepan .5Q/R and Apogee Slant 6
Cable: Monster and Kimber 4TC and 8TC, Audioquest Quartz
CD player: Sony 707ESD (yay! another sony owner...)

I got 2 pairs of speaker that I sometime bi-amp one of them, I owned 2 Krell pre amp(KSL and KSP7B) which I found it is not musically involving, I think I will stick my pre amp with tube gear.

Leong's System>

Currently I'm using
aragon pre power(24Kll & 8008st)
hales concepr 2 speakers.

(ahh, a reference audio setup :))

Rio's system

My system consists of:
cdp : Marantz 67SE
md : Sony JE-510
amp : Marantz pm-57
spkrs : Tannoy M2 on spiked stands
cables: Nordost Black Knight interconnect
QED profile 4x4 cables
====> a very what hi-fi? set-up :)


It's me... again :) I re-configured my speaker cables yesterday since I just learned that I've been doing it 'wrong' for 5 months now (cables come in 4 stranded pairs). There was a great improvement especially in terms of clarity and detail but I'm wondering why the image also changed. Previously, especially with female vocals (e.g. Clair Marlo, Sara K.), voices come in middle and at the same plane as the speakers. But after the cable re-configuration, it seems to come from the middle and 2-3 feet away/behind the speakers. Is the image perceived somewhat identical to your's or there is something wrong? Could it be that my new amp (see below) contributed to this change (but,but... I only noticed it last night after the cable thinkering & not after the amps were changed 3 weeks ago)?

PS. I have upgraded my amp to:

pre : Musical Fidelity X-PRE (valve) with outboard X-PSU
power-amp: Musical Fidelity X-A50 monoblocks
cables : Nordost Blue Heaven between pre & amp
source & speakers to follow...

Robert's System

CD player: Classe HDCD player Model 0.3
Accessories: Bedini Clarifier

Pass Aleph 3 power
Sonic Frontier Line 1 preamp
Avalon Monitor speaker with original stand
Marantz 63SE KI Signature CD player
Kimber Kable 8TC/4TC biwiring speaker cables
Kimber Kable PBJ interconnects
Castle Line conditoner

Tweaks: CD Blacklight, Audioquest ferrite rings, Blue Tac, tip toes. Components interior protected against corrosion using O2 Blocker. Use heat resistant OHP transparent slides to cover grille of preamp instead of cloth to protect irritating dust from settling inside component.

Music: Jazz fusion, pop (English "n" Chinese), rock, classical, soundtracks with good recording. Fell in love with HDCD recordings recently.

Advice: Pass Aleph 3 is a pretty good power amp but to search for a cheap matching preamp is not easy.

Audioprism Foundation 2 power conditioner, Audioprism Quietline
Kimber Kable Silver Streak interconnect
Pioneer DVD 515
Shakti Stone

see comments about Audioprism and Shakti here

Viwen's System

a cool system from Malaysia, where the houses are big enough for line-doubled CRT projectors (I'm green with envy :)) -- check out the photo/stuff at his webpage.

Hi Fi:
It consist of a Marantz CD52mkII Cd player, a Nakamichi casette recorder, a NAD 302 amp and a KEF coda7 Speaker... together with the fattest and most suitable cable available.

Home Theatre:
Projector : VICTOR (JVC) CRT with DWIN Line doubler.
Video source: Sony DVP-S7000 , Kenwood AC3 LD player, Sharp 6 head hi-fi VCR.
Amp: Kenwood KR-V990D AC-3 Amp
Speakers: Mirage main and center , Kenwood Effects , Sub-woofer: Boston acoustic
Others: Yahama Mixers, Yamaha Vocal Sound Processor etc...

Mel's System

I've been a music lover since the day my dad recorded stuff on his open-reel and played it back to me on his JBLs/Mac setup. More a vinyl person altho I have a CD playback front-end as well (I'm known in closed circles as the Vinyl Animyl). My current system consists of :

- CEC TL1 transport
- Resolution Audio Ref Ultranalog DAC
- Table 1 : Michell Gyrodec LE with QC powersupply / SME V tonearm
- Koetsu Urushi Signature MC cartridge (custom Tsugaru unit)
- Table 2 : Garrard 301 / Koetsu tonearm
- Koetsu Onyx Platinum MC cartridge
- Koetsu MC step-up transformer
- DIY MM tube phono unit with tube rectified, oil cap power supply / tele diamond 12AX7 tubes
- Sonic Frontiers SLF-2 preamp with 8 Holland Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8
- DIY hybrid amp (tube in / MOSFET out)
- Apogee Stages with bi-wired Symo cable
- Cables : XLO Signature / Acrotech 2030 / Sonoran
- Power Wedge / Isolation transformer / Black Diamond Racing Cones / German Acoustic Cones / Aural Sym Power Cord + other nonsense (his words :))

Currently I have maybe 200 CDs (ha ha ha) but 2,300+ records (that accounts for the nickname)

Some recordings I love : Ben Webster at the Renaissance (LP), Linda Ronstadt For Sentimental Reasons (LP), Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby (LP), Gary Moore - Ballads & Blues (LP), Pink Floyd - The Wall (Japanese press LP)! I could go on for another 10 more pages...

My personal bias is towards Jazz / Jazz Fusion but I do go off tangent quite often.

Tip for the week : For folks who are in or thinking about getting in or are just getting into vinyl, get into the Analogue Addicts forum on the net. One of the best ways to grow into vinyl

Louis' system

Room: Sound-proof board on all walls. Floor thick carpet.

CD Transport : Esoteric P700
DAC : Esoteric D700
Pre-Amp : Audio Research LS-7
Power Amp : Audio Research D-130
Speaker : Sonus Faber Concerto
CD transport - DAC : XLO
DAC - Pre-amp : Cadras cross-link 5C
Pre-amp - Power amp : Cadras cross-link 5C
Speaker cables: ; Audio Quest Midnight 2 (double Bi-wire)

Fang's System

Living room :
Rega Planar 3/RB300/Bias
Quad 67 CD player
Acurus DIA-100 amp
Totem Ac 1s on Target R4 stands
NAD 412 tuner
AQ Lapis ic/Audionote ANV ic/ Tara labs Omni II sp cable or AQ midnight3 Ferrite rings/ Chang Lightspeed 6400 line conditioner

AMC cd6 CD player
Cyrus III amp with PSX
ProAc Tablette 50S speakers NAD 402 tuner
AQ lapis ic/Tara labs Ref 2 sp. cables

Latest hobby : Record hunting!

Angks' System
SPEAKER : MIRAGE 590i Bipolar

Albert's System
Heavy modified Philips CD721 CD player
Self made 300B monoblocks (the amp is similar to Reichert's Flesh and Blood 300B amp)
PSB alpha speakers

Self made speaker stands (40kg of metal each!)
No name hi-fi rack

Nordost Super Flatline speaker cable
Nordost Black Knight interconnects
Self made shielded power supply cables for all the equipment

Unicone isolation feet for CD player All equipment is isolated using squash balls, blue tac and marble slabs

I love tube amps. Listen to all sorts of music except rock.

Another way to obtain great "improvement" is to modify your existing equipment. By changing the correct component (resistors, capacitors, IC.....) you can obtain the desirable sound. But remember that the warranty will be voided.

KC's system

updated! Digital front end
* CEC TL2 (JPS digital cable)
* Meridian 566 DAC (Synergistic Research Looking Glass cable)

Analogue front end
* Dynavector Tekaitora
* Kuzma Stabi TT/Stogi Reference arm (Cardas cabling)
* Lehman Black Cube

Amplification & Speakers
* Diva Pro 100 (Mullard M8162 + GZ 34 tubes, JPS Superconductor)
* Unison Research Smart 845 monoblocks (Audioquest Dragon tails)
* Totem Model 1

AV setup
* Pioneer LDP 790
* Toshiba DVD 2100
* Marantz AV amp 880
* REL Strata
* Sharp XVP 315 projector
* Dalite glass beaded screen
* [KC] PSB C200 centre spk
* NHT HDP-1 surround spk

* Cardas Golden power cords
* Synergistic Research Synergy interconnects for audio
* Canare 75 ohm for video
* Rotel RT [KC] RT990 tuner

For reference, this is his previous system
Meridien 566 DAC
McCormack TLC1
Unison Research Smart 845 monoblocks (passive version)
Totem Model 1
REL Strata
Rotel RT 990
Kuzma Stabi turntable/Stogi Reference arm
Dynavector Takaitora
McCormack Micro Phono Drive
Sony MDP-A800K (LDP)
Sonic Frontiers Ultra Jitterbug
PSB C200 (centre)
NHT HDP-1 (surround)

Cables include the following: XLO Type 4 digital balanced, JPS Labs co-ax digital, Synergistic Research Looking Glass (DAC to pre) JPS Labs co-ax (pre to power), Audioquest Dragon 4ft (power to spk), Audio Note ANS (phono to pre) Space & Time RSC2000 reference (pre to sub)

(I've added some of his interesting and helpful comments to my comments page -- see the top for link)

HC's System Tanberg 4035 CD player
Aragon Aurum pre-amplifier
Aragon 8000BB power-amplifier
Swan Cygnus loudspeaker
XLO reference, type 1 (CD to pre); type 2 (pre to power) interconnect cables
VDH SCS the second loudspeaker cable

Elegant Cygnus(means swan) is a big-punch bird which needed at least 100w/channel high current power to drive. Amazing improvement of the sound when Tara Lab's RSC 1000 bi-wired cable was replaced by VDH the famous 2nd! I have to audion my hundreds CDs again every night now because I hear more than I heard with my old system (B & W 804 loudspeaker + Tara Lab RSC 1000).

Tweaks?: Spend half or less money on cables can improve you system more than other components do. Trying the better or best cables before you are tired of your system and want to upgrade.

Tan EH's System

CD PlayerMarantz CD63SE + 3XPureSonic Steel Cone.
Pre AmpCopland CTA301.
Power AmpCopland CTA501 with Output Tube Change to RAM Tube (EL34).

to Pre AmpAudioquest Quartz.
to Power AmpMointer High Grade (Copper), ED Acoustic Pure Silver.
(Both from Sim Lim Sq.- self made)
to SpkCable Talk3 Bi, Monster Standard S16 (fr. friend),
Sound Stream Pure Silver (Self Made from Sim Lim Sq.).

Music TasteMostly Vocal. Sometimes sentimental and Slow Rock.
RemarksSatisfied with the vocal performances.
UpgradeAudioquest Indigo3, Proac T50 or Roger LS3/5, Audioquest ??? for the power amp.

AV Setup

LD Player Pioneer CLD D580.
AmpMarantz SR73.
Main SpkMointer Audio 7G-MKII.
Spk Stand Atacama SE24 sand filled.
Center SpkB&W 2000IFS.
Rear SpkMordaunt Short CS1.
Sub WooferREL Strata II.
Cables :
to AmpCable Talk Studio 2.
to main SpkCable Talk 3.
to Center SpkFurukawav Electric PCOCC. (another Sim Lim Sq. self made)
to Rear SpkED Acoustic High Grade (Copper).
to SubNormal Red & White RCA.

Moives TasteAll titles, didn't visit any cinema for ages.

RemarksThinking of combining the HiFi and the AV because both are located at the living hall (you can't possible play both at one time). Unfortunately, both my wife and I prefer more towards music. Any recommentation of an average AV amp with super stereo quality ?

Upgarde Harman Kardon AVR80/ADP303 or Yamaha DSP3090, DVD Player.

Kenzm's System

Densen Beat B-100 integrated
Arcam Alpha 6 CD player
Mission 753s
biwired with Nordost Flatline gold and Monitor PC 4mm silver cables, using Nordost Black Knight interconnects.
Tweaks : minimal, after having read your pages! Ferrite clamps and tweaked speaker interiors qualify? I use a CYRUS isoplat too, under the arcam.

Anyody wants to trade some CASTLE HARLECHS for my Missions?

Alex's System


Arcam Alpha 7 used as transport (to be replaced with Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 transport)
Genesis Digital Time Lens
Camelot Uther v2.0 DAC
Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Signature preamp
Audio Alchemy DLC preamp
Plinius SA-100 MkII amp
Focus Audio 68 Signature speakers
Foundation Designer MkII stands
DH Labs interconnects & speaker cables
Apogee Digital cables
Foculpods and DH cones for isolation duties
Lovan equipment stand

Am currently driving the amp directly from the Camelot Uther DAC which has an excellent analog domain volume control. Therefore, I want to sell off my very rarely used SFL-1 Signature preamp. Anyone? It has got a brand new GE 12AT7 tube. Pls e-mail if interested. (His old system:)

Arcam Alpha 7
Musical Fidelity X-10D
Sony MDS JE510 minidisc deck
Aiwa Excelia XK-007 cassette deck
Cyrus Pre, Power, PSX-R in monobloc configuration
Focus Audio 68S speakers
Foundation Designer mass loaded speaker stands
interconnects from SonicLink, Ixos, Chord, Audioquest
CableTalk Talk 3.1 BiWire
Atacama Static Stage isolation platform
RMS Carbon Fibre Isolators under the amps
Castle line conditioners
Ferrite clips, CD Blacklight,CD Stoplight, Bedini Clarifier
homemade isolation platform with Foculpods, Lovan shelf

Chingkn's System

Rogers E20a integrated amp.
Rogers Ls3/5a loudspeaker
Marantz 63KIS
Nordost flatline gold speaker cable,biwired.
Kimber Kable Pbj interconnect.

Jame's System

CD TRANSPORT : MODIFIED ARCAM DELTA 250 with WOOD CHASIS and 7 audioquest CD feets.
DAC : MODIFIED (again!!) ARCAM BLACK BOX 50 with WOOD CHASIS and an inflated
bicycle tubing under it for vibration damping.(IT WORKS!!)
AMP : MODIFIED (so predictable!) ALCHEMIST FORSETI 15A MK 2(changed all
intemal wiring to cable talk concert 4.1 and direct connection from the CD input to
the volume control bypassing selection controls.(Talk about purist!!). SPEAKER CABLE : TARA LABS MASTER 5000 GENERATION 2
SPEAKERS : DYNAUDIO CONTOUR 1.1 (THE ultimate value for money speaker.) coupled to
the stand with self made braces. POWER CABLE : Self-made with ferrite rings and the output ends.
HOUSE. They pack mostly audiophile recordings AND re-mastered oldies like
DCC.Brought in LPs recently as well.

Currently quite happen with my system but feel free to commend and chat on it and e-mail to me if you're interested in certain items like how to make the braces (ULTIMATE BASS CONTROL.) and the powercords. Next system change will be building a tube pre-amp (classic 100 mk 2 ) and directly couple it to the alchemist, changing it to a power amp......during my holidays.

Xtreme's System

Arcam Alpha 7
Musical Fidelity X-10D
Sony MDS JE510 minidisc deck
Aiwa Excelia XK-007 cassette deck
Cyrus Pre, Power, PSX-R in monobloc configuration
Focus Audio 68S speakers
Foundation Designer mass loaded speaker stands
interconnects from SonicLink, Ixos, Chord, Audioquest
CableTalk Talk 3.1 BiWire
Atacama Static Stage isolation platform
RMS Carbon Fibre Isolators under the amps
Castle line conditioners
Ferrite clips, CD Blacklight, CD Stoplight, Bedini Clarifier
homemade isolation platform with Foculpods, Lovan shelf

Lieu's System

I am upgrading my system and presently looking for a speaker to complete it. May be you could give me some thinker as I done not know what to go for! My system are as follow:

Amp :Achemist 15A mkII
CD Payer : Marantz 63 KI
Speaker :Mission 760i

I am thinking of Sonus Faber Concentino, Proac T 50, B&W CDM1 or do you have any recommendation? My room is just a small HDB room and I like classical and vocal.

FHY's System

The Hardware :
1. Audio Alchemy DDS Pro (Stable Platter based transport with external PSU).
2. Audio Magic Mystic Reference ( Silver I2S cable between transport and DAC).
3. Audio Alchemy DDE V3.0 (with -6dB mod. performed)
4. Monolithic Sound MPS power supply (for DDE V3.0).
5. MIT MI330 Plus S2 (1.5M interconnect from DAC to pre-amp).
6. McCormack Micro Line Drive (used as passive preamp).
7. MIT MI330 Plus S2 (1.0M interconnect from pre to power amp).
8. McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe.
9. MIT Terminator 2 Bi-wire (speaker cable).
10. B&W Matrix 805V.
11. Sanus System Reference Foundation speaker stands.
12. Chang LightSpeed 6400 ISO (power conditioner).

Tweaks :
1. AudioPrism CD Stoplight (The green pen)
2. AudioPrism CD Blacklight (Glowing green CD mat)
3. Bedini Ultra Clarifier.
4. Black Diamond racing cones MK3 (3 each under the transport and PSU).
5. Home-made Sandbags (sandwiched the DAC and MPS)
6. Lot's of ferrite rings on powercords.

The Software :
The music I prefer includes NewAge, Jazz, instrumental and some pop music. Recently I started to keep an eye on some audiophile recording, such as some HDCD recording from RR, some jazz or easy-listening from Chesky and Narada. I even tried an XRCD samples from TBM (I have the regular 24K Gold CDs containing some identical tracks), there are some distinct difference between the two but both have very good recordings.

Update - Aug 98 !
1. The AA DDE V3.0 has gone through a modification done by Dusty Vawter of Channel Island Audio, California. The detail level improves and the bass is tighten. Now I think the only improvement I can do for this DAC is by giving it a better, non resonant case. I am looking into some anti resonant coating material (used for car audio) for this application. I will be staying with this DAC until the 24-bit/96KHz technology becomes mature.

2. I bought a AA DTI Pro32 (Finally !) with the latest adaptive dithering software installed. Everybody who advised me to get this unit was right ! I should have bought it long time ago ! In a nut shell, it simply makes everything better ! and for the price I pay (only a small fraction of the list price), it's well worth the hassles of mail ordering it from the states.

3. The above two units are powered by Monolithic Sound MPS power supply, which is custom made for this combo. It lowers the operating temperature of the DTI Pro32 and provides full filtered/regulated power supplies for both the digital and analog sections of the DAC. I have replaced the rubber feet with 3 BDR Mk4 cones so it is nicely coupled to the floor.

4. Two Audio Magic Mystic Reference I2S cables are used to connect between the DTI/DDE combo and the AA DDS Pro transport. No S/PDIF connection at all ! This prevent the generation of jitter through the digital interface and retain the transparency and synergy of an I2S digital system.

5. I have been doing some speakers positioning changes lately. Haven't found the right spot for the speakers yet ! After making so much changes to the system, the speakers need to be repositioned again and that's probably the second main reason I seldom change the component in my system (The first reason is the short supply of $$$ ).

Adrian's System

1. Sony CDP-X5000 CD player
2. Audible Illusions L1 preamp
3. Antique Sound Lab AQ1008 monoblocks (100W)
4. Neat Petite II speakers
5. REL Strata II subwoofer
6. Cardas 300B Micro interconnects
7. Cardas Quadlink 5C speaker cables
8. 4 Cornertunes, 2 Echotunes

Room Dimensions 13.5 x 11.5 x 10 ft

As you can see, my room is almost cuboid, ie severe room-mode problems. It probably accounts for some of the bass slowness I mentioned, but I'm trying to remedy that.

1. Ben Webster at the Renaissance (Analogue Productions)
2. Ben Webster: Nancy (TMCD)
Forget Scott Hamilton, I think B Webster's the real thing
3. Rodrigo: C d Aranjuez (Bonell/Dutoit/OSM) (Decca)
4. Christy Baron: I Thought About You (Chesky)
Her voice was made for tube amps...
5. Concrete Blonde: Still in Hollywood (IRS)
6. The Rolling Stones: Stripped (Virgin)
The last 2 are clearly not audiophile-quality recordings (although they're not too bad), but they kick some serious ass. Give 'em a try!

You have a hifi in your office?? I'm in the wrong profession! :)
The amp and CD player is hidden out of sight, and the speakers, well some of my colleagues have mini-compos with similarly-sized speakers and some of them play their music much louder than I do :)

Foong's System

micromega stage 5 cd player.
2 yba integre amps running biamp configuration.
platinum solo loudspeakers with pedestals.
kimber silver streak & cardas cross RCA interconnects.
TARA Labs Reference Gen II & Dunlavy Z-8 speaker cables.
MITerminator 2 biwire $ TARA Labs Quantum III+ speaker cables (not used right now). for sale in USA right now.

stage 5 offers significant soundstage and imaging improvements over stage 1, but the cd player is prone to transport problems. the second integre amp really brought life into the system and improved dynamics and detail more than two-fold. sound is detailed and clean, yet not bright. silver streaks have good detail but are inherently a bit too bright for me. the cardas crosses have a very full and natural sound, which in my configuration, helps the treble sound nice and smooth. speaker cables are also the typical clean and smooth type. the taras are clean, detailed yet polite and the dunlavys are pretty neutral.

overall, system is very good, but looking to change some stuff to try more variety. cd player, preamp-power amp combo.

Big Mac's System

Sony CDP-338ESD Hey, I have one of those too :)
Quad 33/303 pre-power amp
Epos-ES11 speakers
telephone wires as interconnects.

Kel's System

Meridian 206B CD player
ARC CA-50 intergrated amp
Impulse T'aus speaker
Interconnects are the AQ Lapis. Cables are the VDH SCS 12 (bass) and Tara Labs Quantum Ref (mid and highs)

Alvin's System

Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 Transport
Muse Model 2 DAC
Audient Technologies Datrix Reference Digital Cable (BNC)
Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Pre-amp with N.O.S. 12AT7 (G.E.)
Sonic Frontiers SFS-80 Power-amp with KT-88s (Tesla) and 6922s (Sovtek)
Sonus Faber Minima Amators on dedicated stands
Cardas Cross Interconnects
Cardas Golden Cross / Cross Power Cords

* Currently trying out a loaner pair of JPS Speaker Cables in comparison with Cardas Golden Cross, Cross and XLO Signature 5.1. (Probably Nirvana SL Series in 2 weeks time).

* Tweaks include Black Diamond Racing's Mark 4s under tube components and speakers, and Mark 3s under digital components. The CD Transport rests on "The Shelf". Pre-amp and DAC are placed on Tekna Sonics P-17 platforms. All equipment are racked on Michael Green's Deluxe JustaRack and Amp-Rack. A Shakti Stone rests on top of the amp's input transformer.

* Has placed an order for Audient Technologies AUDIT to be connected between the digital cable and the DAC. Contemplating the purchase of Vienna Acoustics Mozart but will wait till SAVE/HEX 97.

Update!: (rather than modify the old post, I'm putting the update here so you can see the system history! Cool system eh?

The Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Pre-amp is now with N.O.S. Telefunken 12AT7 (Unit was upgraded with Analog Device AD712 OP amp and ERO de-coupling and signal coupling capacitors) The Sonic Frontiers SFS-80 Power-amp now has N.O.S. Mullard CV2492 instead of 6922s (Sovtek)

Interconnects now a combination of Cardas Cross / Nirvana S-L Series. Add Cardas Cross Speaker Cables

Add after Tekna Sonics P-17 platforms....which rest on Larry Kass' Ebony Pyramids. Add line into the same para - Shakti's On-Lines were used on all signal cables.

My recommended recordings (recently acquired) with musical merit :
Catie Curtis' Truth From Lies (Quality on par with Janis Ian's Breaking Silence)
Ani DiFranco's Not A Pretty Girl (Cutting Edge Folk...Groovy!)
Emily Bezar's Moon In Grenadine and Grandmother's Tea Leaves (I've got Emily's signatures on these CD booklets! - Buy directly from her)
Nancy Bryan's Lay Me Down (The marvel of XRCD)
Chris Webster's Drive
Ben Harper's Welcome To The Cruel World (Not new but still fresh)

I'm awaiting reply from Audient Technologies with regards to obtaining local distribution rights for their products. My partners and I will look forward to bring in Jena Labs, Audio Insurgents and Full Spectrum cables to the local audiophile community. We will do home trials with no obligation (hard work lah but we believe our efforts coupled with our confidence in our products will eventually reap dividends. Give us your support. We assure you that there will be no attitude or nonsense like that.

Jerry's System

Pioneer PD T07A Compact Disc Player (110V Version)
- Pioneer CLD 959 Laser Disc Player (110V Version)
- Threshold T2 Pre Amplifier
- Threshold T200 Power Amplifier
- JBL K2 Model S5500 Loudspeakers
- Audioquest Lapis balanced (for CD to Pre Amp, Pre Amp to Power)
- Audioquest Emerald RCA (for LD to Pre Amp, TV to Pre Amp)
- Audioquest Jade (Bi - Wire) Speaker cables
- Sony 32 Inch (16 X 9) Direct View TV

My main interest is listening (and viewing of concerts) pertaining to all good music, be it Jazz, Pop, Rock (very little) and light Classicals.

After having listened to a few loudspeakers, I have come to the conclusion that my JBL's K2, S5500 is still the ones I can live with although I must admit that the Martin Logan Monolith IIIp has the upper hand in midrange detail and soundstage. However, the JBL win hands down when it comes to bass control and detail. So, give and take, the JBL is here to stay.

Raymond's System

Marantz CD63mkii
Musical Fidelity Tubalog (DAC)
Audiolab 8000A
Acoustic Energy 1 with original AE stands
Audioquest Cobalt 4 speaker cable
Cable Talk Improved Interconnect

Sean's System

MARANTZ CD63 SE - CD player
ARCAM Alpha 8 - Amplifier
ACOUSTIC ENERGY AE100 - loudspeaker
KIMBER PBJ - interconnect
GALE XL160-2 - speaker cables

Favourite CDs : * Hey ! I listen to Sarah McLachlan too (Mary walks down....).
* Compilations by Higher Octave record labels : 1986- 1996 Evolution, Collection.
* Ottmar Liebert - check out his magical fingers.
* Craig Chaquico - probably Liebert's 'brother'.
* Eric Clapton : Unplugged.
* Ryuichi Sakamoto : 1996.(fav.track "Merry X'mas Mr. Lawrence")

Amp: McCormack DNA 0.5
Pre-out from Audiolab 8000S
Speaker: Sonus Faber Concerto
Stands: Atacama SE24
Interconnect : Wireworld Gold Eclipse
Speaker Cable: Sonic Link AST200

Accesories: Unicones Tuning Feet, Squash balls.

Room tweaks include Audio Physics set-up. Will probably upgrade the pre-amp to Audible Illusions Mod 3A.

Leon's System

Anyway, this is what l own and the reasons why:

Pierre Lurne Romance/ Linn Ittok/ OC-9
- yeah, l know a predictable combination, but the tweaky Romance is a real cool deck that is atypical of French desires. It never drifts out of speed (touch wood) and has a nice, neutral characteristic. The weak link here's the Ittok which can sound a little bright. The Naim Aro would probably be a logical upgrade. The OC-9? No problems. In fact l keep another new one as it's really scarce.

Naim CD-3 compact disc player
- It boogies! Boogies! and Boogies! While it won't give images that extend beyond the speaker's boundaries, it's honest and fulfilling when it comes to portraying music as music and not simply a collection of nice sounds presented on a silver platter. True, it's a little coloured but that can't be all that bad can it?

NEW P3 preamplifier/ DCA-33 power amp.
- Remove the ugly cage that covers the tubes and it soun ogether. But l still keep them for sentimental reasons.

JPS Superconductor
- I've mentioned it in my magazine and l'll mention it again. This has got to be one of the most neutral cables l've had the pleasure of coming across. I bet anyone who's owned them will simply refuse to part with them. Count me in. It's nice to see a few owners in these pages. Spread the word guys!

Afzal's system

Micromega Solo CD player
Naim Audio NAC 82 Preamplifier
Naim Audio NAP 180 Power Amp
2x Naim Hicap Power Supplies for NAC 82
Shahinian Arc speakers
XLO type 2 interconnects(balanced XLR to unblanced 5 pin DIN)
Flatline Twin/XLO type 6 speaker cable ( can't decide between the two)
5x XLO Reference Series mains leads
2x Audio Prism Power Filter mains conditioner
2x Acoustic Precision Black Box One mains conditioner
Bedini table top CD clarifier - Yes, e-mail him about this one :)

His CD recommendations:
1) Natalie Merchant; Tigerlily Elektra Records 'Makes Suzanne Vega sound like Jim Morrison!!'
2)La Reine Margot, Original Motion Picture soundtrack 'Will give an insight into dynamic ability. Very difficult to get hold of. Try HMV or Virgin UK when you're there next.'
3)Morcheba; Who can you trust I'm sure you'll like this one
4)Ben Harper; Fight for survival (I think that's what it's called anyway)
I give you my word; these are worth the effort. All the best and happy listening,

Peter's System

Check out his homepage. Currently its an almost all Meridian System. He traded off his Jadis' for child safety reasons. Cool.

Azmir's system Updated!

Marantz CD63SE
Krell KAV 300i
Martin Logan Aerius i
Nordost Blue Angel Interconnect

Update: I just upgrade my cd player to sony xa7es and audiotruth lapis x3 balanced interconnect. audiotruth mdnight 3,phono stage preamp musical fidelity x-lp,old sony turntable ps11, with audio technica at95e cartridge.

Ice Blake's System

Rotel 920AX,
Philips CD721,
and Mordaunt Short MS20i.

Yes but we know hes gonna upgrade soon, he sez :

"u haven't listened to HIFI if u haven't listened to MBL. trust me! go down to Landmark Audio Supplies Centre at the Adelphi #03-51. Bring Diana Krall and tell the shop assistant u wanna listen to the setup. Play track 5, The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, close your eyes, u'd think Diana's band is there! "

Daniels's System
My system:
Michell Gyrodec w/QC PSU
Audio Note M1 phono Stage
Audio Note IQ2 MM Cartridge
Counterpoint DA11.5E Transport
Melos SHA1 Pre-amp
CODA 10 Power amp
Proac Tablette 50 Sig
Onkyo T401 Tuner
Power Wedge 214p
XLO Type 6A - mid/bass
Tara Labs Ref. Gen 2 - treble
St.Wire Maestro/XLO Type 1 interc
. Nitty Gritty Mini Pro

I derived most listening pleasure from playing Vinyl. There is just so much fun playing records as well as hunting for them. I used to listen to CD only and my CD system, now without the D/A as I sold it off, was quite good in fact. I intend to sell off the Counterpoint transport too (anyone?) and settle for a mid-price CD player instead. I'm not a big fan of HDCD, cos' the softwares are too limited in local mkt.(I found Golden String better than RR in HDCD recording) I'm not going to discuss or compare about whether CD or Vinyl is more "superior" as I enjoy listening to both, in fact I also did most of my late night listening thru the Radio(933). I listen to all music but rap...from Mozart to Dire Straits to Janis Ian to Four Play to Ayako Hosokawa to Faye Wong and Alan Tam.... Recently, I replaced the two Sovtek 6922 tubes in my SHA 1, as I could'nt get Sovtek, I used Gold Aero instead and it sounds OK. I've lived with the CODA pwr amp for about three years - it looks and sounds good. The Tablettes fit into my rather small room well(11' by 14') The high is smooth yet detailed and they generate more than sufficient bass in my room.

Danny's System
Linn Sondek Lingo LP12 T/T.
Audioquest PT-6 tonearm with cardas interconnection.
Sumiko BPS or Shure V15VxMR cartridge.
Pioneer A-400 integrated amp.
Spica TC-50 (modified).
VPI records cleaning machine.
Interconnects, speaker cables, power cables by Kimble Kable and Audioquest.

Updates are:

  • DIY 300B amp is finished and working. It is the "Flesh and Blood" design of Herbert Reichert. I used Tango X-5S output trannies, GE 6SN7GTB, RCA 5R4GY/Chatham 5R4GW and various 300B tubes.
  • Tannoy GRF Rectangular with 15" Monitor Gold drivers added to my inventory. Gonna modified the crossover soon. I can't believe the bass of this units with only 7 watts!! I heard you said monitor speakers, yes I am still using them late at night but compare to a 15" driver, ..........forget it. Listen for yourself! Give yourself time to adjust to the sound of these drivers and in no time, you will be shifting your speakers to AV use. Hey, I am driving these speakers with Massive Attacks, Portishead, Mono, Ramones, Wayne County, Queers, Depeche Mode, Weezer, Bossa Nova ............!!! Think about that!!!
  • Graham 1.5T tonearm. Gone is the Audioquest PT-6. Brilliant stuff.
  • Audio-Technica AT33PTG (25th anniversary model), Denon DL103GL (Gold Line series) and Staton COS100 cartridges. Sumiko BPS or Shure V15VxMR cartridges are history.
  • Finally got my Audible Illusion M3A. It's worth every cents of it!!!! Exclusive Amperex Bugleboy tubes used and also various NOS tubes for different tastes sometimes.
  • Change all cables to Cardas Cross/Crosslink. Aural Symphonies for the phono stage.
  • The rest remains the same.
  • Future plans includes acquiring a pair of used JBL and JM LAB speakers, spare Graham armwand and exotic phono cartridges, (and shift into a bigger house for God sake). I pity my neighbour.

As you can see, I only listen to vinyl.
Anyway, I am in the midst of building my power amp - 7 watt 300B SE amp.
I am still on the waiting list for the lastest Audible Illusion 3A pre-amp. (not any more... see above :))
Maybe I would like to have a Linn Ekos in the future. Also a Lowther spk.
And also room treatment in my future home
In my humble opinion, this IS the most cost-effective pre-amp for LPs.
It IS that good. But you like really warm sounding pre-amp, look else where.

I am getting pretty good sound thru' my setup now. The new AQ tonearm is not as bright sounding as my old Linn Ittok tonearm. The sound now take on a warmer but more detailed presentation (maybe the bearing in my old tonearm siezed up on me but I failed to detect that!). However, the transient of instruments and vocals had taken a FEW back seat. So is the rhythm of the music. On the whole, I would describe the sound >as huge, detailed but warm, still rhythmic and light sounding. I still preferred Linn tonearm.


Darrell's System
EXPOSURE XIX PRE / XVII POWER - Big fan of Exposures.(upgraded from super xx)
TEAC VRDS-10 - CD player. DAC in the box - Haven't gotten down to selling it.
REGA PLANER 3/ORTOFON MC 15 - Modified the tonearm wire to Van den Hul's.
ROTEL RQ-970BX - Phono preamp.
NAD 414 RDS TUNER - Very cheap, very good.
AE109 - ??? not quite in the same price range as some of
the other components, but I like what I'm hearing
VAN DEN HUL D102 HYBRID - Turntable.
Hi-End (some US cable company) - Phono preamp.

GEJ's System
Marantz CD63 KI Signature
Audiolab 8000S
ProAc Tablette 50 Signature
Audioquest "Midnight" spkr cable
JPS Labs "Superconductor" interconnect

I'll post my opinion later as this is still a relatively new system (2 months old) and I'm now improving my room acoustic.

Fong's System
Bryston 4B ST amp. (Detailed, warm, good bass)
McCormack TLC-1 passive preamp (the best in transparency, clears up veiled sounds)
Meridian 518 digital processor (used as resolution enhancer)
Meridian 563 DAC (very musical and spacious)
Meridian 200 Transport (the 518/563/200 combo is very synergistic)
B&W's 805s on Foundation Classic Stands (speakers tiptoed on Partington 1/3" steel cones)
Synergistic Research Signature 2/3 Bi-wire speaker cables (expensive but good)
JPS Superconductor Interconnects for pre/power (very neutral and detailed)
Illuminati digital inteconnects (1.5m, 200 to 518, best there is)
Tara Lab RSC2 Reference Digital balanced digital (518 to 563)
MIT Z-Cord 1 & 2 (very good for digital sources)
MIT Z-Center
For home theater I use
Meridian 565 Surround Processor (IMO, the best surround processor)
Meridian 519 AC-3 RF demodulator cum anti-jitter box
Rotel 985 5channel THX amp (use only for the rear and center,Bryston front)
Sony MDP V9-K LD/VCD player (only model in the market to have digital out,
AC-3 RF out, S-video out, play VCDs and LDs as well as karaoke)
Paradigm ADP-150 bipole surrounds.
Clifford Design Center speaker (will dump this for B&W HTM when I have enough dole)
Aural Symphonics Digital Coax (518 to 565)
Flatline Magic1, Straightwire Flex2, Audioquest Topaz for interconnects

NCK'ssystem Updated!
* Musical Fidelity A220 Class A Integrated Amp (upgrade from Rotel)
* Marantz CD63mkII CD Player
* Mordaunt-Short MS25i speakers
* Nordost Super Flatline speaker cable (biwired)
* Kimber Kable PBJ Interconnects.

Jit's system Actually I quite enjoy my 63KI-S - touch wood no drive problems. Sounds better now, after nearly 3 months, but sibilance still a little strong. I am concentrating on building my CD library, as well as looking for new cables and interconnects. My pre-power is a vdh 102 mk III, and power-speaker is a Monitor PC silver strand thing. Pre-power is Sumo, speaker is Def Tech BP10.

QingShan's system Updated!
Marantz CD17 CD player
Audiolabs 8000S integrated amplifier
Mission 752 Freedom speakers
Nordost Blue Heaven interconnect
Audioquest Midnight 3 biwire speaker cable

Hopefully, in the near future, I can get myself an Audiolabs 8000P to biamp my speakers.

My system :)
Sony XA7ES CD player on 3 Mk.3 Cones and AQ ferrite rings- An all rounder. Vocals are nice.
McCormack DNA-0.5 Deluxe on DH squares with AFA power cord and AQ ferrite rings
Triangle Zephyr Speakers 1.5m apart, 70 cm from rear wall -- superstars for only $1280 -- now with Black Diamond Mk3 cones underneath.
REL Strata II Subwoofer
XLO Type 1 interconnect (0.5m)
XLO Type 6A Speaker Cable (6ft)
Target D3 Equipment Rack decoupled with Black Diamond Mk 3 cones
2 x 1" Sonex waffles, 2 x 2" Sonex Waffles

Home Theatre:
Pioneer CLD-D790 -- a steal! ($599)
Sony SDP-EP9ES Pro-logic/AC-3 processor :- competent, and not much choice at this price level.
Nordost Blue Angel Interconnects
Tannoy M2s as rear surround speakers on 120cm stands. Great bass.
Ancient Yamaha integrated surround sound amp to power the rear speakers
Audioquest Video 2 as AC-3 cable
JVC 25" TV - cheapo $583 from Pertama. Will I find the $5k for an LCD projector?

My office system
Sony X229ES CD player using variable outputs
Phase Linear DRS900 Power Amp (150wpc)
Mordaunt Short Ms05 (can't have anything larger in the office. Of course, I could buy Totem Model 1s, but then I would have to lie about how much they cost 8))
JBL MTX open frame stands (yup, they cost more than the speakers)
AudioQuest F-14 Speaker Cable (S$2.80/metre, can't complain)

Audiophiles Overseas

Anton's System

Hi, My name is anton and I'm Living in Bandung, Indonesia Thank you for your HP, it gives many information that I need to know Actually I'm beginner on highend Audio, and still searching for the improvement of my system and sugestion frm the senior I just bought the new Audio system as follows:

CD Transport : CEC TL1X
Amp : Pathos twin Towers integrated Amp
Speakers : Acustik-Lab Stella Melody with AE Speakers stand
Cables : Digital : Kimber Cable TGDL Coax cable
Speakers : Audioquest Midnight
Interconnect : Gryphon guideline Mk II
Power Cord : Marigo Audio Lab for Transport and Amp

But , the funny thing is, For D/A Converter I still borrow from my friend (temporary), It is Proceed dap from Madrigal, because I still cannot find the D/A that match with my existing system I already match it with wadia D/A 12 , Denon DA-S1, but still unsatisfied with the sound once I tried with Sonic Frontiers SFD 2 MkII (I borrow frm my friend), and with this Sonic Frontiers, I Found that the sound that It produced , make me "sing" !!!It is beautifully warm, and detail also the staging effect But in Indonesia I cannot find the dealer (there was the dealer , but It already closed because of the riot on may 1998)



Hmm, didn't leave a name

1)cd player : Audiolab 8000CD
2)amplifier : Audiolab 8000S
3)speakers : KEF RDM TWO
4)Speaker stands : Atacama SE24
5)Cables : Cable Talk 3.1 biwirable cables
6)Interconnect : Cable Talk Monitor 2

Simon's system (UK)

Monitor Audio 703 PMC Speakers (stood on spikes with paving slabs)
Marantz CD63mk2 K.I. Sig.
Yamaha KX580 Special Edition Tape Deck
NAD 3020i Amp
Pioneer 204RDS Tuner
Yamaha YSTW200 Sub
AudioQuest Indigo + (Bi-wired),Cable Talk Monitor 2 Interconnects

I've got a number of problems. The amp can't get the 703 PMC's to shift some air. I've decided to go for Pre/Power combo and to eventually bi-amp the speakers.

What pre/power combos would you recommend. I had demos of Talk Electronics Huracanes and was very impressed. What others would you recommend I have a listen too?

Also, sub woofers! I need to get a proper sub like a Rel Statdium/Strata 2 what do you think, I'am eventually going to get a Dolby Surround Processor. Like you say in your web pages, my sub does sound like low end mud. But could this be the amp thats letting everything down? I think it is...

Hansen Dy's System

Hi. I am an audiophile from the Philippines.

Recently: I've gone tubes ... and have traded my McCormack for a Connie J Premier 11a

My present system consists of a
modified NAD 502 / McCormack Micro Line Drive (passive)
McCormack DNA 1 (see above)
Sonus Faber Concertos on Target R5 stands.
Interconnects are WireWorld Eclipse,
speaker cables are WireWorld Silver Eclipse.
I enjoy tweaking so I use Shun Mook Mpingos, Audioprism Isobearings, Stoplight, Blacklight etc. etc.

Bert - From Las Vegas

My present equipment consists of:
Exposure Dual Regulated Four Amp
Exposure Pre/pwr 11-12 (looking hard for Nine
Theta Gen V-a Processor
Theta Data II Transport
Vandersteen 3 Speakers
Nordost Blue Heaven throughout system

Note: Not sure I'm getting everything from the system with the Vandersteens, but they are awfully hard to part with. Open to suggestions on the speaker considerations...

Alan's System (from South Africa. Cool!)
i visit s'pore every yr.and of course also the adelphi!
I am running a h/theatre system as follows: (SOUNDS GOOD ON MUSIC AS WELL)



Zhie's System

Mark Levinson No.31 Transport
Mark Levinson No.36 DAC
Krell KAV 300i
Krell KAV 500 Power Amp
Sonus Faber Concerto loudspeaker
on Foundation Designer MKII stands
Kimber TGDL Digital Interconnect from transport
XLO 1.1s Interconnect from DAC
Kimber Silver Streak from pre-amp
Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cables.

The MLs are -one word, good. Give a sense of space, layering and image spread, work well especially on my favourite acoustic recordings & jazz pieces e.g. Miles Davis and other Checky Recordings. Glimpsing at XA7ES because the sound of the East might be different from the MLs and perhaps better.

I use KAV 300i as pre-amp (as integrated before upgrading with KAV 500), flexible enough to go into HT to give full punch and slam if bridged. Presently, they just supplying a 'pure' 100W into Sonus Faber Concerto in bi-wire configuration. SF Concerto is a very fine pair of speaker.