Short Hi-Fi Show '99 Report from Chris

From Desmond at the show, the PS audio power plant PS 300 costs $2395

The new Sony XA777ES (unbalanced output only, IEC, 20+ kg!) is out and it costs $4500 compared to the Sony SCD-1 which costs $7900. Buy any of the SACD players and you get 5 SACDs free. There are about 15 titles out on SACDs now.

The Acustik Lab Stella Melody sounded better at the hi-fi show than at the showroom...maybe the Swiss designer who was there tweaked the speakers? Darn crowded (Whats new? :))at the hi-fi show so can't really comment on the sound quality.... Heard the awesome McIntosh MC2000 ($27000+), sounds very promising! Didn't see the so-called fully balanced MC602 though...hmmm.....Also if you registered yourself at the Ong Radio Service booth, apparently you can attend a McIntosh Concert to be held on 1 Feb 2000. I didn't bother to register, maybe I'll ask them to squeeze me in when they come back from time-off on Thursday.

Richard's ProGold was selling pretty well but he had trouble getiing TS Lim, who was doing the presentation on DIVA amps, to demo the DH Cones.....Richard's new Audio Logic DAC ($8000+) was not on demo on the 1st day though....

Wanted to get the Norwegian or is it Swedish.. whatever.... disc that High End Research was selling. It is a compilation of the best songs...I think ($28). But can't bargain there in front of their other will approach them some other time heh heh... Darn again, didn't know Jacintha would be giving out autographs or I would have brought my XRCD of Here's to Ben...darn!

Thanks to Chris for the report, If any of you have your own comments about the show, please, please send them to me so I'll know what I missed... I spent the weekend buying and assembling new furniture for my bedroom :)