My reorganised Hi-Fi Pages
My Hi-Fi pages were getting a bit messy so I've initiated a reorganisation which involves renaming files etc. Bear with me if I make mistakes :) Also, because I don't expect you to go through everything, sometimes I overlap topics as its nicer to have everything in one article

Organisation of my Hi-Fi Pages

Introductory Pages

Mission Statement :)
Yeah, we're all into mission statements. This is actually the bit of text that accompanied the original index page.

Introduction part I
A brief explanation on the differing priorities of 2 channel audio and Home Theatre

General Topics

They all sound the same don't they? (Nov'98)
If you have been misled by people who claim that everything sounds the same...

Demos Discs and how to audition (Feb '99)
My favourite demo discs and what to listen for when auditioning equipment

Equipment reviews

Triangle Itthos, Cairn Amp

Equipment Opinions
Sonic Frontiers Line-1 Review

including DH cones, Diva & Harmonic Technology Cables
Joseph Audio Rm22si Review (Dec '99)
Sony SCD-1 SACD Player Review (Jan'00)
Audio Sterling ETSE amp Review (by Leslie)
NAD S100 vs Line-1 Review (Jan'00)
Van Den Hul D 102, 1st 2nd (Apr'00)

Aural Symphonics, MIT-330 (Apr'00)

DaaD Bass Traps/Diffusors(Mar'01)

Assembling a Hi-Fi System
Should you consider tubes? (Feb'99)
My personal take on assembling a system

Hi-Fi Magazines, web resources
How to get information on hi-fi (of course, if you managed to get here, you would've probably surfed other hi-fi websites. And what exactly are those reviewers saying? :)

YC answers your questions (May'99)
I've decided to post a sampling of the interesting questions I get from readers. Unfortunately, I didn't archive my old mail, so this section will start of small. To protect privacy, I won't mention the name of the poster (unless you want me to :))

The Tweak Section
Making your Hi-Fi sound better
My tweaks page. Things that are cheap. Things that work

A Tale of 2 Tweaks (Dec '98)
An EMI filter, and a new general purpose cable

Antistatic Spray? (Oct '99)

Belden Cables! (Dec '99)

Bicycle Inner Tubes (Apr'00)

Home Theatre Section

Home Theatre Page

Newbie Home Theatre Questions

Laserdisc Reviews (in progress!)

YC's Home Theatre Equipment Buying Guide (May '99)
I know less about home theatre than about hi-fi, but ignorance has never stopped anyone. This is just a simple product survey; I'm also looking to build up my home theatre and these are the results of my looking around


Short Articles on Specific Topics

SAVE/HEX '97 Show report

Whats in a good recording?

Biwiring Opinions (Jan'99)

Current Cable Thinking (Jan '00)
Cable Recommendations

read both for an overview on my thinking on cables.

No pre-amp or cheap pre-amp? (Sep'98)

Buying Hi-Fi in Singapore part 1
Buying Hi-Fi part 2 (Feb'99)
Well, that should be self-explanatory

Standmount vs Floorstanding (Aug'99)
Is bigger better? Why does that tiny minimonitor cost so much?

My Room Layout
We've read all the articles on room treatment. How do we put this into practice? I welcome your sketches/drawings as well :)

The listening room & listening volumes (Jan'99)
Stereophile only tests equipment at realistic volume levels. What does that mean for the Singaporean audio enthusiast?

My System (Feb'99)
Well, I think I should list my system in an easy to find location so you can figure out my taste and biases

Digital - All Ones and Zeroes? (June '99)

Articles from others

Advice/Reviews from other enthusiasts

Advice/Reviews Vol.2 (Nov '99)
There're plenty of knowledgeable audio enthusiasts out there. Its quite large, and I promise to reorganise when I have the time.





If I have the time, I'll have to improve the organisation of these pages, but for now, it'll stay as it is.