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The whole earth is full of His glory!

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YC's Photographs

Welcome to YC's photography pages

This is my 2nd website. My previous one, YC's hi-fi pages is here in the root directory. I will eventually getting around to putting up nicer graphics (eventually being the operative word)

The links below bring you to galleries where the full size pics are displayed, so 56k users will find it painful. Sorry for the lack of thumbnails.




All you need is a 24mm lens and some Provia 100F
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Lake District 1999 - My favourite Place - fantastic weather over the Easter Weekend, lousy photographer :)

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"Look at the birds of the air" - Matt 6:26




Foreign Birds


Swans Page 1  
Puffins Page 1  
Puffins Page 2  

Puffins Page 3


Miscellaneous (in flight)



Local Birds


An excuse to buy a longer lens....
Botanic Gardens (8/8/02)  
JBP Page 1  

JBP Free Ranging Birds Page 1 (2/8/2002)

JBP Free Ranging Birds Page 2 (2/8/2002)

Egrets, Pelicans, Night Heron, Black-naped Oriole, Red-Whiskered Bulbul

Zoo Storks in flight

Zoo Storks in flight Vol.2

Birds from Bedroom Window (Armchair birding at its best :) ) [1] Oriental Magpie Robin [2] Yellow-vented Bulbul [3] Male Olive-backed Sunbird
Birds from Bedroom Window vol.2 [1] Starling [2] Female Olive-backed Sunbird [3] Spotted Dove [4] Blue-throated Bee eater
Birds from Bedroom Window vol.3 [1] Peaceful Dove [2] Female Black-naped Oriole [3] Pair of Orioles [4] Brown-capped Woodpecker
Birds from around the Condo vol.4 [1] Pacific Swallow [2] Collared Kingfisher [3] Juvenile Common Tailorbird [4] Pair of Starlings
Birds from around the Condo vol.5 [1] Pacific Swallow (better pic) [2] A special presentation on the rather noisy female Black-naped Oriole :)


Birds from around the Condo vol.6


[1] Scaly-breasted Munias (juvenile, adult) [2] Hill Mynahs [3] Pied Triller (from home)
Birds from around the Condo vol.7 (12/9/02) [1] Common tailorbirds [2] Parrots [3] Pair of male Orioles [4] White-throated Kingfisher!!! :)


The pics here may be repeated above, but I've decided to arrange the galleries according to species

Crimson Sunbird Bukit Batok Nature Park (updated with better pics).
Sunbirds (24/11/02) Crimson (BG), Plain Throated (MOG), Plaint Throated Male (BG)


Kingfishers vol.2

Kingfishers vol.3

Kingfishers vol.4 (10/02)

Kingfishers vol.5 (11/02)

Kingfishers vol.6 (12/02)


White-throated, Stork Billed, and plenty of Collared Kingfishers

Vol 2: White-throated. Around the Condo. Lorong Halus

Vol 3: Common Kingfisher at Botanics (thanks to www.naturestops.com sighting info), White-throated at Botanics

Vol 4: White-throated at Upper Pierce and MacRitchie Reservoir

Vol 5: Storky at BG, White-throated at BG

Vol 6: Black Capped and Storky at SB


Olive-backed Sunbirds 'typical' poses (2/9/02)  
Olive-backed Sunbird Family (23/08/02) Birds from Bedroom Window special presentation
Parrots, Cockatoos, Parakeets(23/8/02) Introduced species that are doing rather well. Red-Breasted Parakeet, Tanimbar Cockatoo
Munias (23/08/02)

[1] Javan Munia [2] Scaly-breasted Munias (3 pics)

[3] Chestnut Munias

Thrushes etc

[1] The BBNP Laughing Thrushes. Misc birds placed here first... [2] Scarlet-backed flowerpecker

Shrikes [1] Tiger Shrike
Barbets (11/02) [1] Coppersmith Barbet [2] Lineated Barbet
Bitterns (10/02) [1] Yellow Bittern
Bee-eaters [1] Blue-tailed (i guess...)



(construction in progress)



All pictures copyright 2002 YC : yc_hmm@yahoo.com

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